Dr. Rick Rosa is Testing Custom Made Compression Garments for Team Champion Systems

RecoveryDoc & Champion Systems’ New Line of Compression Garments

Dr. Rick Rosa, The RecoveryDoc worked alongside Champion Systems in the design of two new compression garments for Team Champion Systems Pro Cycling Team. The testing samples are currently on their way from China. Checkout a sneak preview of the products here:

Compression Garments

RecoveryDoc/Champion Systems Compression Pants

RecoveryDoc & Team Champion Systems compression socks and pants were designed for the make and feel of professional cyclist on Team Champion Systems. These compression garments hold firmly to calves and upper thigh muscles, ensuring maximum blood flow, while legs feel energized and fresh all day long.

Compression Garments Ensure Maximum Energy

Using compression garments cyclist legs are able to remain energized throughout the training period and the race.

Furthermore, compression garments provide a range of medical benefits, including increased blood circulation— which can be useful in cyclist performance on the race.

Compression Garments are Beneficial for a Variety of Athletes

These compression garments are not only for cyclist, they are beneficial for many other athletes such as professionals in running, wrestling and mixed martial arts.

RecoveryDoc & Champion Systems compression garments are stylishly designed in black and gray.  The items should be out and launching in the next few weeks.

Compression Garments

RecoveryDoc Compression Socks

RecoveryDoc/Team Champion Systems Compression Socks

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