Team Lloyd Irvin ….TLI… BJJ Worlds in California

Team Lloyd Irvin Americas Jujitsu team has arrived in California for the BJJ Worlds

I have worked with Team Lloyd Irvin for over two years now and this will be the second year that we have prepared the team for BJJ worlds. I have watched the team grow and mature over that time and can’t tell you how proud I am of each and every member.














I have worked with athletes from every level of sport and every type of sport you can imagine and these young men and women are some of the greatest to work with. You can trust me that they are the best prepared athletes technically and physically at the BJJ Worlds this year in California.


We have weathered many injury storms that may have tried to come through but when you have the best team doctor on the planet what else would you expect. No luck is given to this team because the grind of hard training is what gives them the chance to compete.
I am sending out this message to those young men and women that I have watched sacrifice many things in life to earn the chance to be a BJJ World Champ and now they only need to take what they all deserve as world Champions! Lock it up TEAM LI



Dr. Rick Rosa



BJJ Worlds




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  1. Dr Rosa!! Youre The Man!!! Thank you for everything sir!

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